A Roadmap for Domiciling Tablet Industry in Developing Countries: India and Egypt


  • Mervat M. A Mohammed Microelectronics Department, Electronics Research Institute, El Nozha, 4473221 Cairo, EGYPT
  • N. Zayed Computers and Systems Department, Electronics Research Institute, El Nozha, 4473221 Cairo, EGYPT
  • Mohamed Elshamy Nanotechnology lab, Electronics Research Institute, El Nozha, 4473221 Cairo, EGYPT
  • Sherine Mohamed Abd El-Kader Computers and Systems Department, Electronics Research Institute, El Nozha, 4473221 Cairo, EGYPT




Tablet, innovation, economy, industry


Developing countries are increasingly adopting in-house Tablet manufacturing as a result of the cost-effectiveness and significance of tablets. This paper provides a comparative insight into the Tablet manufacturing industry, focusing on Egypt and India. Tablet manufacturing and use in the educational institutions of both nations are ambitious endeavors. Further resemblances can be observed in terms of population and economic obstacles. Despite the Egyptian and Indian initiatives commencing concurrently, the Indian initiative has accumulated more substantial accomplishments. The research examines the tablet computer industry in Egypt along three technological axes: domestic manufacturing, joint production, and contracting with international manufacturing firms. The industry challenges faced by Egypt are analyzed and provide suggestions for the development of this critical sector, with a specific focus on the education industry.


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Author Biography

N. Zayed, Computers and Systems Department, Electronics Research Institute, El Nozha, 4473221 Cairo, EGYPT

Department of Mechanical Engineering, British University in Egypt, Suez Desert Road El Sherouk City، 11837 Cairo, EGYPT


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Mohammed, M. M. A., Zayed, N. ., Elshamy, M. ., & Abd El-Kader, S. M. (2023). A Roadmap for Domiciling Tablet Industry in Developing Countries: India and Egypt. Journal of Technology and Humanities, 4(2), 1-15. https://doi.org/10.53797/jthkkss.v4i2.1.2023